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Commitment to Excellence

The Midwest Prospects' mission is to teach both the mental and physical aspects of the game of baseball. Our number one goal is to teach the youth athletes of today that dedication and hard work pays off and that we will help you develop as an athlete both on and off the field. We will provide the best learning atmosphere both during the season and in the off season to help develop these athletes. We want to create an opportunity for each player to advance to either college and/or the professional level. We will play the best competition locally, regionally and nationally.

Each athlete involved in our program understands that they are fortunate to be able to play the great sport of baseball and that they should not take it for granted.

Every coach in our organization will carry themselves with the utmost respect to players and parents of the sport.  

2020 Cincinnati Player Evaluations

The Midwest Prospects will have organizational tryouts on July 1st at Mason Sports Park and July 2 at Corwin Nixon Park in Mason.  Both days will be 6-8 pm.

We will have teams in 2020 at the 8,9,13,14,15 age groups.  This is an organization that focuses on skill development and making sure we keep the fun in the game.  Younger age groups participate in SWOL and will practice more than they play.  

Older teams are higher level teams that will be participating at the highest level in the region. 

The tryouts are run by our paid instructors and most of our teams are non-parent coaches.  Please contact me at 513-739-9411 or with questions.  You can register via the "Become A Prospect" link on this site.

Marty Hileman 

2020 Columbus Player Evaluations

The 2020 16u Midwest Prospects Merchant (Formerly Robinson) will have a non parent coaching staff moving forward. We will be holding tryouts at Berliner on Tuesday Aug 6th 6:30-8:30 PM and Saturday Aug 10th 3-5 PM, registration begins 30 minutes prior and field numbers will be posted no later than Monday as well as marked at the parks entrance. Next year's schedule will be showcase tournaments where scouts and evaluators will be present.

Coach Merchant has an extensive background in coaching travel ball and instructing baseball principles. He's had great success with teaching hitting with the Epstein hitting system and has instructed multiple league leaders in hitting. 

Pitching is another strong suit. Coach Merchant has years of learning pitching from great instructors using driveline principles. 

This will be a highly focused developmental team using video analysis 100% of the time.

Hope to see highly competitive boys show up to compete showcase style.

Please contact Coach Merchant for more information.


18U Amateur Baseball Championships - Overall Winner

National Champions!

MWP 17u (Miller) win 18u Amateur Baseball National Champions
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